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On October 4, 2007 - Click here for
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RTL nieuws TV item zondag 26 augustus 2007 (Dutch TV)

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Thursday 1st of March 2007

Exactly one decade after the famous Peking to Paris Rally, the Peking Challenge will follow the same route through Russia, Mongolia and China. A bizarre trip that will be made in a car of the lowest price category, to further enhance the Challenge.

The initiator of this new Challenge is the organization of the Amsterdam Dakar Challenge. Just like the already legendary desert Challenge, there are only a few rules in the Peking Challenge. The car must have maximum price of €500,-, the rally preparation costs have a maximum of €250,- and all  teams support charity.

One of the differences with the Challenge headed for Dakar is the fact that participants of the Peking Challenge can rely on more support from the organization. More support is necessary due to the difficult accessibility of the countries to be passed through, the longer distances and the more extreme conditions. Furthermore, the vehicles will not be sold by auction on arrival, but money will be raised for charity by means of the Adopt a Hero campaign.

Based on the Peking to Paris Rally in 1907, the path of this new Challenge will be full of obstacles to overcome. Speed is important, but the main challenge is to reach the finish! Are the teams able to keep their motors running for over more than 11,000 kilometers to Peking? Besides the distance, the terrain and the rough conditions will challenge the entrants even more. Teams will defy the Ural Mountains, pass through grimly Siberia, travel across abandoned sceneries in Mongolia and challenge the Gobi Desert.

Each team will be part of the overall Adopt a Hero campaign. This means they will acquire sponsors who will support them with a donation per kilometer. The Peking Challenge will drive for several charities, among which Right To Play, Habitat for Humanity and Dance4Life.

Entries for the 2007 edition of the Peking Challenge have  already been accepted. There is only a limited number of starting permits available. The departure date has been set on August 26th from Amsterdam and Brussels.

The Challenge will take 33 days with en route cities like Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Ulan Bator to finally end in Peking with a big party. The official website where teams can fill out an entry form  is www.pekingchallenge.com.
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Note to editors :

This new and unique Challenge is always looking for involved media partners. Do you want to write about the preparations and the ultimate Challenge to Peking? Contact us! Interesting quotes and stories guaranteed…

Marcia van der Hoest
Tel: +31-(0)30-2714227
E-mail: info@pekingchallenge.com